Horse Feed At Stockley

We have always stocked horse feed but we are limited in the amount of feed we carry.  We have access to every type of feed for our customers but need to know your requirements in advance.  What we keep in stock is customer driven.  Let us know your requirements and we’ll do the rest.  Our customers love these feeds and they have become very popular.

A horse is a grazing animal and as such it has a very low tolerance to blood sugar instability (far less than humans).  Natural Horse Feed from Pure Feed and Thrive promote stable blood sugar levels. This leads to natural digestion, balanced mood, stable energy and healthy rebuilding of tissue.


The Pure Feed Company

Pure Feed has a comprehensive range of products.  You choose what you do with your horse and there is an equivalent feed with matching energy and support to go alongside.

Why Pure Feed?

Pure Feed was designed primarily to ensure stable blood sugar levels.

Pure Feed has been formulated without concentrated raw grain to emulate the diet of a grazing animal.

It is a natural horse feed with no molasses and is low in starch and sugar (less than 10%).

Pure Feed helps balance the horses diet by providing all the key nutrients, fibre and calories.

Samples of the feed can be viewed in-store, or to find out more go visit

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Thrive Feed

There is no raw starch in Thrive.  The starch that is in the feed is water soluble and is digested by enzymes in the small intestine with no spike in blood sugar. 

Well established in the US, Thrive Feed has earnt a stellar reputation by producing amazing results people cannot ignore.  The man behind the feed is Dale Moulton who has made this his life’s work.  There is no magic involved or special secret ingredients included, but the processing to very precise pressure, temperature and time constraint produces a product that no one else can copy.

Why Is Thrive So Different?

Ingredients are processed by extrusion as soon as they are harvested

Wet steam extrusion is a gentle form of cooking which creates digestibility without nutrient loss giving over 90% absorption, great value, no waste

A complete horse feed fed dry – no supplements, oils or extra potions are needed

Suitable for all equines in all disciplines from foals to veterans

Non Heating but produces amazing results in all types of high performance horses

No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are used in the making of Thrive, such as chemical pesticides or fertilisers

Even the bags are human food grade to prevent chemicals leaching into the feed