Our Choice Of Saddles

When we came to choose which ranges of saddles we wanted to stock in our shops we applied the same criteria that drives our business.

Our customers demand value for money

The products must be serviceable and reliable

But with saddles there were further consideration

    The comfort of the horse

    A comprehensive range covering every conceivable discipline

    Arena, Bates and Wintec Saddles

    We are a main dealer for Arena, Bates and Wintec saddles. They tick all the boxes for our customers and are also the leading light in the equestrian industry when it comes to innovation. We stock a comprehensive range of these saddles and offer a saddle fitting service to West Sussex for these products.

    All our saddles have a shared patronage and offer the same innovations: the CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution.

    Stockley Saddle Fitting Service

    We are trained to fit  Arena, Bates and Wintec saddles. Each fitting takes approximately 2 hours. We will ask you to complete a Saddle fitting form supplying a range of questions about you and your horse.

    You will have already been in to one of our stores and discussed with the staff your requirements and had the opportunity to sit in each of the saddles that you are interested in. The size of the saddle that you require is determined by your physical size and shape. Essentially you require the smallest saddle that you can fit into comfortably; there is no point in buying a big saddle just to accommodate the dimensions of your large horse and find that you are swimming in it!

    So when we attend you at your yard we can bring the saddle that you have chosen and using the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution we will make the necessary adjustments to the saddle to give a bespoke fitting for your horse.

    The saddle fitting procedure will require you to ride your horse and you will thereby have an opportunity to test the saddle at whatever pace and over jumps if you require.

    Please note that whilst we have an exceptionally high success rate with these saddles we do recognise that all horses are different. On occasion we have found that the chosen saddle may not suit the particular attributes of your horse and you may have to consider a different style or even another brand of saddle but this is a rare occurrence.

    Remedial Fitting

    The CAIR® Cushion System is exceptionally good for the horse in remedial work. We are always happy to work alongside your Veterinary Surgeon, Equine Physiotherapist or Chiropractor etc. If you feel you have a horse that may fall into this category, please do not hesitate to call James for an informal chat to see what we can do to help.


    Support and Back Up

    If you buy a saddle from us we aim to provide an ongoing support service for the life of the saddle. We recommend that any new saddle is checked for fit after 3 -6 months depending on the amount of work that is being done. We discount our call out fee to undertake this work as an encouragement to take up this opportunity. It is surprising how much a horse can change shape in that time if it now has a saddle that allows it to move freely and use the correct muscles. After that we recommend that your saddle is checked every 6 months although many customers choose to have theirs checked every 12 months. We can arrange to remind you when your saddle is due for checking if you choose that option.