Horse Wear

Within our equestrian department we have almost everything you could think of for horses and ponies, all shapes and sizes! Our friendly team of staff are highly knowledgeable & trained in all our product areas & with a supplier base over 150 we can always get things in for you.

Headcollars & Leadropes

Covering most colours in the rainbow as well as smart padded leather headcollars we have one for everybody. Whether you want a heacollar to bring your horse in from the field or a headcollar to travel in we have a vast range available. Headcollars that are safe to turn out in, pressure headcollars, budget headcollars and padded headcollars. But you can’t lead off the headcollar without a matching rope! Short, long, cotton or nylon, coloured or plain, trigger clip or wednesbury clip we have a leadrope for your budget and use.


Whatever type of saddle you ride in, whatever discipline you participate in no saddle will stay in place without a girth! They come in different shapes, materials, colours, styles & sizes to cater for every use.

Synthetic girths are easier to clean and care for, an atherstone girth is shaped for comfort of the horse and leather is smart and traditional. Elastic ends help when girthing up a horse that blows out or a dressage girth is specifically designed to accommodate the long saddle straps. We offer a large range of brands, materials and styles with girths for smaller budgets and quality girths offering ultimate comfort for the horse. With a tape measure always on hand speak to a member of staff if you’d like some advice (or even better bring in your old girth to make sure you get the right size!)

Bridles, Martingales and Breastplates

Bridles and bits are how we communicate with our horse. It is therefore very important we use a bridle that fits our horse comfortably. It is largely down to personal preference but at the same time some disciplines only allow specific types of bits or nosebands so it’s worth checking! We offer a range of leather and synthetic bridles. The most popular styles are those that have a flash or cavesson noseband and come with reins. However we also offer grackle, mexican, double and bitless bridles if you require. Unlike a lot of other stores we are very happy to swap the style of reins that a bridle comes with so you get exactly what you hoped for rather than having to instantly purchase a 2nd pair of reins. Come in to either store to find out more about this service. With black, brown and Havana on offer with matching martingales and breastplates you’re bound to leave with exactly what you wanted.


Bits are arguably one of the most important parts of your horses tack. It’s how you communicate to your horse the direction and speed in which you wish to go. It needs to be a conversation not an argument so it needs to be comfortable for the horse and safe for you the rider. The most common bit family are the snaffles and we offer a vast range in both eggbutt and loose ring. We also offer stronger bits such as gags, pelhams or kimblewicks. We also ensure there is an array of mouth pieces such as jointed, peanuts, straightbars, happy mouths and lozenges to choose from. Finding the correct bit is often the hard part and often involves a bit of trial and error. If you would like advice on biting pop in to the stores. Management have been on lorinery courses and will be happy to help as well as both stores display comprehensive biting advice from BETA.

Boots & Bandages

Increasingly we ask our horses to work that little bit harder, move that little bit faster and jump that little bit higher. For any equine activity we want the best for our mount and a way of helping them look after themselves is to ensure their legs are well protected. Whether in the field, in the stable, on exercise or competition there is a boot or bandage that can help. Our vast range includes top brands such as Woof (the original brushing boot!) through to value for money boots and bandages. Tendon boots, event boots, jumping boots, dressage wraps we have you covered. Competition colours such as white, black and brown through to fun cross country pink and purple. Bandages for the stable, travelling or exercise and wraps for the field to help protect from the sun and flies. For our full stock and any advice please pop in and see us.

Saddlecloths & Numnahs

Saddlecloths and numnah’s are predominately used to add comfort and cleanliness for the saddle. Using high quality materials they offer a cushioning for the horse whilst absorbing & removing excess sweat and scurf. We offer a large range of GP, jumping and dressage saddle pads and numnah’s in all sizes in a vast array of colours. With high wither options available and a full range of sheepskin pads too including the popular half pad we have something for everyone. No-one can have too many saddle pads!

Stirrup Irons & Leathers

In our opinion stirrups and stirrup leathers are one of the most important parts of your tack and should be checked regularly. We offer both synthetic and leather stirrup leathers as well as webbers which provide the same action as a standard leather but with less bulk under the flap. We have English leather and European leather leathers as well as economy. Some of the leathers have webbing stitched through the middle to prevent stretching. Available in various lengths and colours we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair.

The stirrups we offer also come in many styles. Safety stirrups with rubber bands on the side which ping off should your foot get caught, safety stirrups that have a bent side which allows your foot to escape quickly, standard stirrups with white or black rubbers to help your foot grip as well as stirrups with springs to give your ankle more flexion. So if you need to replace an old pair that have become warn or would like a new pair for competition then pop in to have a look at the range. We even have a saddle in each store you can attach them to and sit in to make sure you have the right size!

Training Aids

Whether you’re training a young horse, backing a horse for the first time, looking to correct an issue or using lunging as a form of exercise, it’s important to have the right equipment to ensure that your horse gets the most out of his training.

When it comes to lunging we have soft feel, cotton, extra long, plain colours or bright colour lunge reins. (TIP: If you are long reining it’s often helpful to have two colours so you can easily see which ones which!)

Whether you’re lunging, long reining or riding, training aids can really help when it comes to educating the horse. We make sure we stock a wide range from basic side reins for lunging through to draw reins and de Gogues. With Pessoa style training aids also on offer we have everything to help you help your horse. Got a pony that can’t walk 5 steps with out face planting in to the nearest lush grass? We have plenty of daisy reins too!