Body Protector Fitting

Our Ethos

At Stockley Outdoor & Equestrian we make the fitting of safety products for riding our priority! We know how much fun horse riding is and though it is a fantastic hobby, like anything exciting there are risks involved too. At Stockley we offer you a first rate safety fitting service to help you find the items that best suits you or your loved ones.

Our Reputation

We pride ourselves on the enviable reputation for professionally fitting body protectors. All of our staff undergo rigorous in house training followed up with a professional training course with each relevant company covering their products. The personal touch is paramount to both Stockley and customers alike.

There are 3 BETA standard recognised levels of protection with body protectors to cater for different riding activities.

We only stock Level 3 Body Protectors.

Level 1 – Green Label
Body protectors certified to Level 1 provide a lower level of impact protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys while racing.

Level 2 – Orange Label
Body protectors certified to Level 2 provide a lower than normal level of protection that is only considered appropriate for use in low risk situations. These DO NOT include riding on roads or other hard surfaces, riding over jumps, riding young or excitable horses or riding while inexperienced.

Level 3 – Blue Label
Body protectors certified to Level 3 provide a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitors and for working with horses. Protectors to this level should prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and bruising, and prevent a limited number of rib fractures

To find out more about BETA Body Protector standards, click here.

No Body Protector can prevent serious injury in certain accidents, but you can improve your chances of staying safe and reducing the severity of injuries by making the right choice.

What body protectors do we offer?

The Airowear Outlyne

Comes in different styles to fit Women, Men, Teens and Kids. The Outlyne is scientifically designed to offer a tailored fit specific to the needs of the rider’s body type, which maximises the protection offered while allowing unrestricted movement and flexibility. To find out more about the Airowear Outlyne, click here.

The Racesafe PROVENT 3.0

The PROVENT 3.0, launches a new generation of lightweight, flexible & breathable protection. Allowing riders of every level the freedom to perform, whilst ensuring the highest available level of protection. To find out more about the Racesafe PROVENT 3.o, click here.

The Champion Titanium Ti22

Unisex flexible segmented style body protector. Heavy duty YKK zips, military grade outer mesh, ultra lightweight foam and cool feel titanium coloured inner lining. Cutting edge comfort & flexibility achieved through revolutionary SegTek construction. Channelled airflow hole heat release system. To find out more about the Champion Ti22, click here.

Our body protector fitting service

A member of staff will talk you through the different types and styles of body protectors that we offer and explain why we have chosen the body protector we pick for you.  Parents will be very much involved with the children’s fitting and everything we do is explained. Our staff will go through the different sizes of the body protectors with you and fit you in the one that is safest and most comfortable.

After Care

We will advise you how to look after your body protector after purchase, the best place to keep it and we will offer a continued free check up service for the life of your body protector & riding career (always keep your receipt!).

So when it comes to safety we take your’s as seriously as our own. We look forward to seeing you in store and helping you chose the right product for you!