Riding Hat Fitting

Offering you a premium service to help you find the safety items that suit you best.

Horse riding is a fantastic hobby, passion and sport. Like anything exciting though there are risks involved, so at Stockley we offer you a premium service to help you find the safety items that suit you best.

Our Reputation

We pride ourselves on the far reaching reputation we have for professionally fitting riding hats. Our staff undergo a rigorous in house training programme followed up with a professional training course with the relevant company. The personal touch is paramount to both Stockley and customers alike.

The range we currently offer is as follows:

Charles Owen Styles

Young Rider Riding Skull 

Young Rider Riding Hat

JS1 Pro Skull

YR8 Riding Hat

Ayrbrush Riding Hat 

4 Star Skull

Pro II Skull

Pro II Plus Skull

Champion Styles

Air-Tech Deluxe Hat  

X-Air Riding Skull  

X-Air Riding Hat 

X-Air Dazzle Riding Hat

Gatehouse Styles

HS1 Jockey Skull

Hickstead Riding Hat

Jeunesse Riding Hat

Chelsea Airflow Pro

Conquest MKII

So how does it work?

A member of staff will talk you through our vast range of hats and explain how they are constructed, the particular attributes of each and the differences across the brands and models. We will need to know what particular riding disciplines you require the hat for and then point out which would be most suitable and for your particular budget.

We will then take a measurement of your head and start the fitting process. We fit children from 18 months old up to adults in their 80’s! Parents will be very much involved with the children’s hat fitting and everything we do is explained.

After Care

We will advise you how to look after your hat, the best place to keep it, when to replace it and we offer a free continued check up service for the length of your hat (always keep your receipt!) & riding career.

We strongly recommend you never buy a hat or body protector online! They need to be professionally fitted!

 A safety conscious rider is a safer jockey!

A Little About Hats

Riding Hats Comprise of 3 Main Parts


An Outer Shell

An outer shell made from ABS plastic or glass fibre.  This serves two purposes: to stop sharp objects from penetrating the hat/skull and to spread the energy from an impact over a larger surface.


A Polystyrene Liner

A polystyrene liner to absorb the energy from the impact. It is made up of lots of air pockets which burst on impact and as a result help protect your head.


A Foam Padding

A foam padding often with an internal fabric lining to provide comfort for the rider.

Safety & Standard Information

Hat Safety Standards

We are very proud to work very closely with Charles Owen, (https://www.charlesowen.co.uk/) amongst other brands, who offer UK manufactured riding hats. We take the safety of our customers very seriously and are aware that all riding helmet manufacturers have to produce helmets to meet one of four international safety standards or marks:



ASTM F1163:04a


Some may even produce helmets to meet all of them like the Charles Owen 4 Star. Each of the individual standards have their own criteria and tests, putting more or less emphasis on different helmets and various types of injuries. For example, they’ll assess how much of the head a helmet covers, how a rider falls and onto what type of surface or how a helmet moves during a fall.

Each Hat Safety Standard tests for a different set of accident situations, helmets that meet multiple standards provide the most comprehensive protection and cover a wider range of potential accident situations. With this in mind we have picked a range with something for everyone.

Changes in Hat Standards

You may have read that there has been a change in certification of Riding Hats; the withdrawal of European Equestrian Riding Helmet standard (BS)EN1384.

What does this mean to me? 

The withdrawal of the standard has no effect on riding hats already on the market. Used and fitted correctly, (BS) EN1384 hats will continue to be as protective as they have been for the best part of 20 years since the standard first appeared.  If riders have hats certified to the EN1384 they can continue to use them unless stated otherwise by rules of competition.

Please note that where EN1384 is referred to this will impact upon hats that only meet that standard. Where hats are dual badged (ie. (BS) EN1384 with another standard such as Snell or PAS 015) then the hat will continue to be legal in competition. 

The only hats that we stock that only meet BSEN1384 are the Charles Owen Fiona and the Gatehouse Hickstead Riding Hat. EN1384 has tended to be viewed as the least demanding of the standards, offering lighter weight, low profile hats with increased ventilation. But it has always been difficult to compare standards – a hat made to say PAS or Snell 2001 may not necessarily meet all the requirements of the 1384 standard. In some respects it will exceed the requirements and in others it will not. Both of these hats are slimmer in profile, more lightweight than other hats, and are popular for leisure, endurance, showing, and hunting.

For more information BETA Riding Helmet Standard Update