Outdoor Wear

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Our ethos

Why pay more for a good quality product when you don’t have to? Stockley Outdoors is the place to shop for good quality outdoor clothing at fantastic discount prices.  Sometimes the prices are so reasonable we shock ourselves!  How do we achieve such incredible value for money goods all year round?


How do we do this?

For twenty years we have built up an incredible relationship with our suppliers – top names such as Regatta, Hi-Tec and Craghoppers – we have sought to obtain better deals on products and pass these onto the customer.  Our warehouse shop in Littlehampton has a reputation in the industry for discreetly clearing end- of- lines and our customers are the ones who benefit…

The key to our success is that the products that we supply have to meet our exacting criteria

  • Our customers demand value for money
  • The products must be functional and reliable

The stock that we supply is never there by chance but as a result of careful evaluation of the market place. It is important to us that we offer the best range of products available in our industry and that we give our customers value for their hard earned cash.



Our customers need choice and all work to different budgets; we do our best to stock for the majority but we realise that we cannot always have what you need. In these instances we are happy to order specific stock in for you however in these instances we do ask that payment is made in advance.



Our staff make the Stockley shopping experience special. They are always courteous and helpful and overflowing with knowledge of our products. They are all subjected to the Stockley training programme where they undergo on site product training with the hundred or so suppliers that we use.



We are proud of our reputation and our customers can shop with confidence knowing that each time they are saving pounds compared to other stores…



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