[highlight align=”center” style=”different”]Here at Stockley we not only strive to provide our customers with best brand products at value for money, but we also want to build a community within our customer base across the two stores. [/highlight] [pricing-table] [pricing-column size=”1/3″ last=”no” highlight=”no”] [pricing-header currency=”” price=”” frequency=””]Equestrian[/pricing-header] [pricing-row]Welcome to the Stockley Equestrian Community[/pricing-row] [pricing-row]The place to keep up to date with the latest news, find out what events are on near you, gain advice and to have a good old natter![/pricing-row] [pricing-footer]Click To Enter [/pricing-footer] [/pricing-column] [pricing-column size=”1/3″ last=”no” highlight=”yes”] [pricing-header currency=”” price=”” frequency=””]Outdoor[/pricing-header] [pricing-row]This is the area dedicated to all outdoors, country activities, where we will publish up to date news, local events and schemes for you and the family to get involved in or for our more extreme customers![/pricing-row] [pricing-row][/pricing-row] [pricing-footer]Click To Enter[/pricing-footer] [/pricing-column] [pricing-column size=”1/3″ last=”no” highlight=”no”] [pricing-header currency=”” price=”” frequency=””]Staff Area[/pricing-header] [pricing-row]Area for staff to get communicate across both stores, share equestrian or canine progress and news, this should prove to be a helpful tool moving forward![/pricing-row] [pricing-row][/pricing-row] [pricing-footer]Click To Enter[/pricing-footer] [/pricing-column] [/pricing-table] [column size=”1/4″ margin=”” last=”no”]

Occupancy Level

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About The Stockley Community

At the end of the day, we all have something in common otherwise we wouldn’t be selling the products that you’re all buying! This is why we want to create an area not only in store but online where our customers can come to find out the latest Equestrian and Outdoor news, chat, ask for advice and share your own adventures with us and the rest of the Stockley community. [/column] [column size=”1/4″ margin=”” last=”yes”]

Online Registration

[list type=”checklist”]

  • 10% online discount 
  • One Weekend Pass for 2 friends
  • Parking Space for 2 months
  • Horse Riding in the Forrest
  • One Weekend Pass for 2 friends
  • Parking Space for 2 months

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